I’ve been reviewing books for over twenty years.  Most of the reviews have dealt with law, politics, or history, with an occasional detour into fiction.  All of them gave me the opportunity at the time to provide commentary on contemporary political developments, emerging legal trends or the curious tendency of history to turn in cycles, so often repeating itself.  I’ve kept most of the reviews in a thick notebook in my office, but with almost all of them available electronically, it struck me that it might be useful to consolidate the reviews in a single slightly more public place with shorter commentary on recently published books.


When I’m not writing reviews, I practice law on the side.


I’ve also been involved in politics throughout my life, working on various local, congressional and senate campaigns in college and after.  In 1992, I worked on the first Clinton-Gore Presidential Campaign, taking a three-month leave of absence to devote myself full time to the campaign.  Since then I’ve had the privilege to work with and to represent a variety of campaigns, candidates, and party organizations — during campaigns, in recounts, and in election contest litigation.


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